In 2011, brother and sister, Elaine and Victor Phuong both realized they were missing something from their careers. Elaine and Victor were part of a tight-knit family that enjoyed the communion of food and wanted to share their mom’s food with others. It was their passion of bringing food, family and friends that the idea of Nong Lá Cafe was born.

Elaine had an eye for design and excellent marketing skills, while Victor was magically keen to numbers. These combined skills began the foundation for their new exciting business venture. All they needed was recruitment from their mom Khanh Phan, who was the creative force behind the food. Using the skills from mother, daughter and son, they began to recruit other members of the family (aunts, uncles, cousins) to help bring everyone’s talents together. Through everyone’s hard work and passion, Nong Lá Cafe opened their doors in 2012.

Nong Lá, which is the Vietnamese pronunciation of straw hat, serves homestyle dishes such as pho, bun and banh mi (add the cage free egg and you will thank us). We only use fresh, quality ingredients such as free range chicken, cage free eggs and filet mignon for our steaks. Most notably, we do not use MSG in our broths, which is why the flavors in our pho are so distinct, light and delicious.

Our flavors are reminiscent of the ones you find on the very streets of Ho Chi Minh City and we are proud to introduce these flavors to Los Angeles. We welcome your hungry stomach to our new home!